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PRESEC Legon is a Christian School under the auspices of Presbyterian Church of Ghana. Since the very inception, the school still holds in high esteem sound Christian doctrines that is inculcated into the students by an indefatigable Chaplaincy head by a Reverend Minister and assisted by student deacons.

The chaplaincy  is solely responsible for the spiritual development of students. With a larger student population, the responsibility is not one to trifle with. The chaplaincy therefore allows the operation of various religious denominations on campus to contribute to this task. Currently, National Union of Presbyterian Students – Ghana (NUPS-G), Scripture Union (SU), Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA), Assemblies of God Campus Ministry(AGCM), Ghana Methodist Students’ Union(GHAMSU), Catholic Anglican Students’ Union (CASU), Ghana National Association of Adventist Students (GNAAS), Junior Baptist Students’ Union (JBSU), Leadership International (LI), Church of Christ Students’ Union (CCSU) are the christian denominational bodies on campus.

There is also a body for Muslim brethren on campus running pari passu. The activities of all is geared toward the spiritual development of the  affiliated student.

Music on campus is handled by the raddest school choir one can find in Ghana. This group of wonderfully skilled musicians are also managed by the school chaplaincy working hand in hand with elected music prefects.Their exceptional professionalism is notable at most school events like morning devotion, commemoration services and the like. They are just too good.


The chaplaincy upholds the conviction that students at all levels of education are uniquely valuable persons and should be educated to use their God-given capacities to become principled and God fearing individuals, qualified for any position in life.


The Chaplaincy has the mandate to ensure physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing of all members of the PRESEC community (i.e. Members of Staff and their families, Students and sometimes their parents)


We develop the following competences in our students:

  1. Spiritual Competences: This develops in students a sense of purpose, value of belief in God, convicted and actively engaged in spiritual quests.
  2. Intellectual Competences: This enables them progress from ignorance to consciousness of things, issues, and concepts little known to them and the urge to continue their intellectual development.
  3. Physical Competences: This provides them opportunities to become skilled mentally, develop fitness and gain understanding about the importance of physical activities.
  4. Emotional competences: This helps students to understand why human beings react differently to given situations, times and circumstances.
  5. Social Competences: This helps them to establish and maintain high quality of mentally satisfying relationships and it also increases tolerance and cohesion among students.


Through various programs, the Chaplaincy helps students grow spiritually, attain satisfactory social adjustment, develop responsible attitude towards life, and appreciate the importance of physical work. Ultimately we help the students know and fear God, develop their God given abilities as well as Spiritual, Mental and Physical disciplines. This enables them fashion a godly life pattern for themselves.

The following are some of our programs:

  1. Divine Services on Sundays
  2. Morning Devotions
  3. Missions, Retreats and Revivals
  4. Lessons and Services for Baptism & Confirmation
  5. Counseling Sessions and Programs e.g. family day
  6. Leadership Development Centre (Junior Seminary): A free two-year certificate program sponsored by the Ga Presbytery that seeks to train future leaders for the church and nation.

We seek to inculcate the character of Christ in the hearts of our students as they acquire intellectual knowledge

“In Lumine Tuo Videbimus Lumen”
Presbyterian Boys' Secondary School