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PRESEC takes keen interest not only in academics but any extra-curricular activities that ensures full self discovery. The school in this regard has made available facilities that facilitate this vision. Currently, the school has a standard , green turd pitch for football and athletics, exactly beside the department of Physical Education Office. That aside, there are 2 standard basketball ball courts  located in close proximity to the houses on campus.

Equipment that come with the various sports disciplines like jerseys are available in enough quantities.



Soccer is the most popular game in the school.  Every year brings in to the school team talented players with the requisite skills to play professional international football.   Often times the school pitch is crowded with football fanatics between the hours of 3pm and 5pm after school hours rallying behind smaller teams as they play the game to victory. Out of such small plays are players justified into the school team of 22 players in all.

The sports department contribute to this fun time by making available the necessary equipment like jerseys, footballs, etc. for the various teams.


The game of basketball is second to soccer. Just like soccer, interested students are seen at such same hours after classes cheering their teams to victory on any of the 2 well designed to standard,  basketball courts in the school.  Competitions outside school,  over the years have seen PRESEC emerging winners over and over again. The school currently was crowned champions after a hectic tackle from St. Peter’s School in the finals of SpriteBall Ghana game last year – a margin of 200 against 167 points. This out of many other reasons is why PRESEC is called a “deebee” school (school for the affluent) because the game  of basketball is believed to be the interest of  people with elite backgrounds.


Athletics have a strong grounds in PRESEC. Though not participated like soccer or basketball, the interest of students are aroused during competitions. It is at such grounds that athletes who have been training in secret sprout up to the surprise of fans.  100m , 4 x 100m race, high jump and long throw are what catches the attentions of students. There is also a school team that  represent the school in outside competitions.



Inter-houses competitions in the various sports disciplines are held every  first term of an academic year. The sports department through this means is able to identify and select for the various school teams, players with the requisite skills.

This is the most participated extra – curricular activity in the school. Day students usually stay behind to rally behind the houses to which they are affiliated. The competition is crowned with a trophy and no one house over the years has won it for 3 consecutive times due to its keen nature.


Inter-schools competition, popularly known as ” inter – co” is held twice every academic year. This competition is under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Sports. The competition is held usually at various stadia where selected second cycle institutions compete in the various sports disciplines. It is held at the regional levels each year. It is through this competitions that the ministries in charge identify deserving players and pushed them into national teams.

PRESEC over the years have been in the lime light in all the disciplines. Athletics, table tennis and basketball particularly have continued to win laurels for the school in this competition. Even though soccer is the most popular game on campus, PRESEC is yet to emerge winners of this discipline, though the school has been able to place second on several occasions in recent times.

“In Lumine Tuo Videbimus Lumen”
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