7:30am - 15:30pm Weekdays


 A Typical Weekday

Hefty scowls are common when the school siren wails at 4:30am to signal daybreak. The groans of waking bodies on their comfortable mattresses, placed on their bunk beds tell all that the day holds for a PRESECAN.

For starters, form one boys wake up at the slightest sound of clapping. They meet their house captains in straight queues and their proportional portions of work are distributed to them. They respond quickly to the call to duty with their scrubbing brushes taking the best part of the labour. When the houses gleam with perfection, the boys are freed to prepare for morning prep at the wail of the siren at 5:30 am, which is within a duration of 1 hour. After prep, the boys converge at the main assembly hall at the wail of siren for morning devotion, from 6:30am to 7:30am.

Morning devotion means a lot to the Blue Magicians. This is where their love for God is rekindled and announcements are made by the authorities of the school. This session however takes a different turn on Tuesdays when students are required to bring along their hymnals and sing psalms to cloud the atmosphere with heart-warming melodies.

Classes begin in earnest by 7:20am. Which means students have 10 minutes to settle for teaching and learning to begin in the classroom. Each period lasts for an hour.  Next on the timetable is breakfast, at exactly 8:30am, right after the first period where students troop to the dining hall to have their fill of the sumptuous meals prepared by the ever-experienced pantry staff. Classes resume thirty minutes later with four periods of intensive mastering of the various majors. These periods usher the now half-tired students into thirty minutes of rest at 1:00pm where the students go for lunch.

The last two periods can be described exclusively as exhausting. Eventually, the blinds are drawn when classes end at 3:30pm. The boys are expected to observe siesta between the hours of 3:30pm and 5:30pm before supper time. Some students, affectionately called ‘moabites’, take advantage of this period; they sling their bags over their shoulders and move to a tranquil enclosure to read through the day’s notes.

Supper times crawls in with loud wail from the siren. Students put on their neatly pressed white shirts and khaki trousers (at least the form ones and twos do) and march into the wide opened gates of the dining hall. Students are spared an hour after supper to prepare for evening prep which starts exactly at 7:00pm.

Prep comes to an end at 9:00pm, marking the commencement of vespers at 9:30pm often referred to as the ‘evening meeting’. Students are to be in bed by 10:00pm. You can only imagine how quickly the form one boys move just to get their tired heads on their comfortable pillows.

The weekday routine for the average PRESECAN is very demanding, however Friday evenings are reserved for washing and leisure to crown the day.


A typical weekend entails recreational activities at various venues. Saturdays however begin with a dawn prayer meeting in the assembly hall once the siren wails at 5:00am. Students return to their various houses for general cleaning. Breakfast is at 8:00am following the siren. Preps continues between the hours of 9:30 and 11:30am after which an hour and thirty minutes are dedicated to personal chores like washing.

Lunch is at 1:30pm at the wail of the siren. Siesta is observed right after lunch till 4:30pm where the boys prepare for supper. Students are entitled to an hour or two of leisure time right after supper at 5:30pm before they troop to the assembly hall for evening entertainment.  Students return to their houses after entertainment, prepare for service for the next day till its lights out where they retire to their beds.

Sundays, are holy and reserved for God. Morning and evening services can never be excluded. Students are expected to be awake by the wail of the siren at 4:30am within which period they tidy up their various houses and plots. They prepare for service after the morning exercise of cleaning and are expected to be seated at the assembly hall before church service starts at 6:30am and ends at 8:00am. Breakfast for the day is at 8:30am and ends at 9:00am. There is thirty minutes of leisure after breakfast before all get seated for prep at 9:30am. Once prep ends at 11:30am, students return to their houses resting till it’s lunch at 1:00pm. Evening service is at 6:30pm which is preceded by supper at 5:30pm. Once the service ends at 8:30pm,  students return to the house for vespers till it’s lights out at 10:00pm.

PRESECANS indeed have enough sources from which to tap virtues. The numerous denominational and non-denominational associations help to initiate the PRESECAN into extracurricular affairs. Outside class, the PRESECAN is, among other things, a sportsman, a debater and a skill-oriented fellow.

Rest has no substitute. He that is tired from the hustle and bustle of the day’s activities thus retires to his mattress, stretching out and permitting his heavy eyelids to take him through to the next day, when the routine continues.

“In Lumine Tuo Videbimus Lumen”
Presbyterian Boys' Secondary School