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The school is endowed with facilities that makes learning and other academic works a better experience.


There are a total of 12 classroom blocks on campus. Each block has at least  6 classrooms. A typical classroom size measures 35 meters squared and has an average capacity of 45 students. There are 39 Science classroom(form one – three), 12 Business class rooms, 15 for General Arts and Visual Arts and a state of the art studio for the Visual Art department.


The school has a library facility located in close proximity to the classroom blocks. The library has a total capacity of 120 students. 75 students on the average a day, do visit the library. This facility is stocked with books in all forms of academia. There is also a newspaper stand where most of the Ghanaian new papers are stocked to enlighten students on current affairs of the outside world.
The Alumni body has an E- Library project under construction and scheduled to be completed in 2020.


PRESEC is an epitome of a modern science college. It is for this reason that the school has a first class science laboratory where practicals in Biology, Physics and Chemistry are conducted.

The laboratory is well furnished to suit its purpose. It has a capacity of 70 students. Every student during practical is entitled to his own set of lab equipment eliminating excessive pressure on the facility.


ICT in this current world of technology cannot be left out of the School’s curriculum. For this reason the school has in place an ultra modern ICT lab which was financed and commissioned by the Alumni (Ɔdadeɛ) class of 1986 in 2001 and refurbished to its current state in 2016. The lab is well lit and air conditioned, with a total of 45 high grade computers and a projector to enhance teaching.

“In Lumine Tuo Videbimus Lumen”
Presbyterian Boys' Secondary School