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PRESEC has a total of 5 study programmes. These programmes are prescribed by the Government of Ghana through the Ghana Education Service.  They  have been  categorised into Academics and Extra Curricular courses and run under departments . The Academic department is for the Sciences, Business and Arts programmes. Sports, Club and Societies fall under Extra Curricular.


This department is in charge of all Science related courses: General Science, Agricultural Science and Mixed-Electives option. The department makes all provisions in terms of books and facilities like Laboratory available to make learning a better experience for a student. Course combinations are as follow:

  • Elective Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology/ Geography/ ICT
  • Elective Mathematics
  • Physics/ Chemistry
  • General Agriculture
  • Animal Science

The school of Business is where great entrepreneurs are borne.This department is responsible for developing the creative thinking ability of students in the world of commerce. Courses offered by this department allows students to have a firm grip of what it means to be a business man and most often encourage students to think of job creation rather than job search.The courses offered are as follows:

  • Elective Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Business Management
  • Financial Accounting

The department of Arts is concerned with the development of artistic skills of students and for that reason courses offered here are geared towards the realisation of this goal. Students are trained to master the art of painting, reading, etc. through the following course options.

  • Elective Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • French
  • History
  • Government
  • Literature in English
  • Christian Religious Studies
  • General Knowledge in Art
  • Graphic Design
  • Sculpture / Textiles
  • Elective Mathematics/ Geography/ Picture Making
  • Mathematics
  • Integrated Science
  • English
  • Social Studies

In accordance with final examinations requirement, which is organised by West African Examinations Council (WAEC) for second cycle institutions in Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and the Gambia, each student is expected to present either three or four elective courses together with the following four compulsory cores:

Extra Curricular

Sports, the science of keeping-fit, is of utmost importance in PRESEC. The department of sports have in place strategic measures to ensure that students with the sporting abilities are spotted and helped to hone their skills.

Many games and sporting activities like football, athletics, basketball, hand ball, hockey, among others are the options considered on campus and the school has special teams for these activities.

Periodic inter-houses competitions in the disciplines above are held on semester basis to help students prepare adequately for the bigger game – inter second cycle schools competition , popularly known as “inter-co”.

PRESEC is not just a center for academic excellence. In an on-world like today’s, it is only expedient to consider all forms of mental development that can enable one thrive. It is for this reason that there is a department in charge of extra-curricular activities.

This department ensures that every student is fully developed before graduating school. Clubs and societies are the associations where students get to realise hidden potentials in the world of ICT, politics,music, business, history and the like.

Currently, these are the clubs and societies available on campus.

  1. Brilliant Science and Mathematics Club (Brilla)
  2. Cybit Club (Infotech)
  3. Civic Education Club
  4. Bright Arc Junior Foundation
  5. Photography Club ( Official school photography team)

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PRESEC Legon is a Christian School under the auspices of Presbyterian Church of Ghana. Since the very inception, the school still holds in high esteem sound Christian doctrines that is inculcated into the students by an indefatigable Chaplaincy head by a Reverend Minister and assisted by student deacons.

The chaplaincy  is solely responsible for the spiritual development of students. With a larger student population, the responsibility is not one to trifle with. The chaplaincy therefore allows the operation of various religious denominations on campus to contribute to this task. Currently, National Union of Presbyterian Students – Ghana (NUPS-G), Scripture Union (SU), Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA),…….Read More

“In Lumine Tuo Videbimus Lumen”
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