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The main Administration block is  the first point of contact upon entry into the school. The old and current block is located some few meters from the school’s main entrance. There is however a new proposed ultra modern office complex for that purpose under construction which is in close proximity to the current one.

The block is the seat of the Headmistress and Assistants, the bursar and the main accounts office. The PTA of the school’s office is located in the same facility to facilitate their work.


The staff room is the main seat for all teaching staff on campus. It is a well lit , air conditioned facility in which every member of staff is entitled to an office desk. It houses the various department offices and has a conference room where periodic board meetings are held.

For administrative purposes, it is located in close proximity to the main administration and the first class room block on campus – block A.

Social & Domestic


The Assembly Hall is the main point of convergence for many activities – morning devotion, anniversaries and Sunday church service. The old assembly hall which is currently been reconstructed into an E-Library facility scheduled to be completed in 2020, is situated right after the main administration block. The school has a newly completed assembly hall right opposite the staff room, serving the same purpose as the old but only with a higher capacity and also more modern in comparison.  The facility has offices for the chaplaincy also.


Good health is a necessity of everyday life. Its in this regard that PRESEC has a well furnished clinic to cater for this need. It is located in close proximity to the houses. Every student and staff is entitled to this facility.


Life in PRESEC is no different from a typical Ghanaian home. This has necesitated the creation of a popular eating spot and mini  market under a cluster of mango trees -“Goase”. Goase, the short form of “mango ase” allows every boarder access to basic needs without going outdside school.

This makes life easy on campus as various foods, from snacks to fruits and heavies are sold by sellers who have so much motherly care.


The transport facilities available involves buses given to the school by the Ministry of Education and the parent teacher association (PTA) and a number of pick – up trucks for administrative purposes.

There are however old and defunct transports facilities.  One typical example is  the Beford truck popularly known as ” bone shaker”. This type of truck was in operation and popular in the early days of most second cycle institution in Ghana during the early 90s.


Housing facilities are available for most of the teaching staff. All student houses in the school have respective house masters who reside on campus in bungalows to facilitate their work.

There is a residency for the Headmistress and assistants, the school chaplain and other administrative heads whose role require they live on campus.

“In Lumine Tuo Videbimus Lumen”
Presbyterian Boys' Secondary School